Profiling Diskette Series

Many businesses manage their employees by trial and error.  This is a costly proposition that often results in frustration, conflict, low productivity, low morale and ultimately, high staff turnover.

Brilliant Image Personnel uses software programs that were designed to complement most training programs and to build on the uniqueness of each individual.  Clear and focussed reports identifies each individual’s altitude, personality traits and abilities.  Job profiling enables you to quickly and effectively profile the job you are recruiting for.  By comparing the personal profile of each candidate against that of the job profile will enable you to assess how well that person would fit the role.

Key Benefits

  • Improve your selection and recruitment procedures and reduce the subjectivity of selection
  • Fast, accurate and cost effective
  • Increase staff retention
  • More effective people management

The software products available could also be used in a variety of other organisational applications.  When management and collegues understand and appreciate each other’s behavioral talents, they built the foundation for achieving high performance.

Software products have been customized to fit the most popular applications requsted by business and industries:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Sales Training
  • Team Building
  • Customer Service
  • Mentoring / Coaching Communication
  • Career Planning
  • Quality / TQM
  • Diversity
  • Employee Orientation
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management